Borrow interest-free LUSD with ETH.
Earn LQTY simply by depositing LUSD.

ZERO INterest

Other than a minimal one-time drawing fee, borrowers can withdraw interest-free loans by using ETH as the collateral. The loans are immediately paid out in LUSD (a USD pegged stable coin).

Low Collateral Ratio

Borrowers must maintain collateral ratio over 110%, otherwise their positions (“Troves”) become subject to liquidation. The protocol’s efficient, instantaneous liquidation mechanism allows for such a low collateralization ratio, while maintaining a high level of robustness.

Governance free

There's no human governance to vote on monetary interventions. All protocol parameters are either preset and immutable or algorithmically controlled by the protocol itself.

99% kickback rate

Readily distributes 99% of all LQTY earned back to all our Stability Pool stackers. Then, we use the remaining 1% to pay for the server cost, improve user experience, and plant trees.

We are Climate Positive

We believe in the importance of being climate positive. Our cloud server is 100% powered with green energy. Plus, we plant at least one tree for every 100k of LUSD deposited to the Stability Pool through us. We will plant our trees through and
- more info coming soon!

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